New Album "ODIN" Releases Dec. 4, 2020

Aaron Kerr Odin album cover 20201204Emperor Penguin Records is happy to announce that cellist Aaron Kerr's new album, "ODIN" will be released on Friday, December 4, 2020.

"ODIN" is a jazz concept album based on the mythological Norse god of wisdom, poetry, death, and magic. Aaron has combined his cello with Justin Deleon on drums and Sean Egan on clarinet, bass clarinet and piano to create a minimalist yet spacious and exotic sound.

"ODIN" was recorded live over two days at IPR Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Steve Murray, mixed by Justin Deleon, and mastered by Tom Garneau at AudioActive.

Enjoy the lead song from the from the album "ODIN" on the SoundCloud service at

Click here to purchase the album on BandCamp.

Aaron Kerr also shared a video of his solo cello version of the song "Fates of the Apostles" from the album "ODIN":