Aaron with Todd Harper - Patrick's Pandemic Cabaret

Starting on March 28, 2021 7:00 pm
Todd Harper with Aaron Kerr. These musicians will perform “Bird Myths”. Ornithology is a great science. But perhaps they missed some things? Todd Harper (dreamer, electric piano, small instruments, voice). The essential Aaron Kerr, cello, rooted energy. To be performed on the back porch, with perhaps the door open. This Pandemic Cabaret is part of a many part series called Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Retrospective Cabaret. In each show in this series Patrick will present one work from his past, while sharing the program with artists who have been part of his life and work in the last 50 years. The artists in each program have a special connection to that show's retrospective piece. To view the livestream show - please use this link: https://mailchi.mp/d45bd1b0ee26/patrickscabaret-online-march-28-2021 $15 suggest donation - "pay what you can honor system"